Copenhaver Architect | The Basement
purpose + play | Copenhaver Architecture is a Reno architecture office of social innovators specializing in multi-use urban infill development, institutional design and housing.
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The Basement

  • escape at the basement

About This Project

The Basement is one part of 50 South Virginia, the historic and revitalizedĀ Old Post Office in the heart of Downtown Reno. Decommissioned as a post office years ago, the property has been resurrected as a mixed-use commercial building with The Basement serving as its main retail floor. Copenhaver Architects was commissioned to design a welcoming space that both encouragedĀ social interaction and respected the heritage of the property. The Basement’s retail and food offerings offer an unconventional, unexpected, and unrestrained slice of the Reno experience with a surrounding space that fits the bill.